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Moodle MOOC 2: Yes! You CAN make your class interactive!

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

This session will focus on taking a static course with mostly discussions and file uploads to an environment that reaches out to students and asks them to be active learners. These tools are either freely available, built into your learning management system, or part of common educational software.

Dr. Sale will go over options such as taking an assignment that requires students to create a powerpoint and showing the change to "create your own powerpoint, narrate it as a presentation to your ......(board of directors, fellow teachers, co-workers) and use the Upload to Pp option) Same assignment but the students are lead to an active role instead of uploading content into a dropbox.
2) Before discussion questions, insert a poll that relates to lesson content. ( Of the five treatment styles we studied this week, which one requires the most preparation on the part of the therapist?--something that not only covers content but requires critical thought).....The poll is taken and the student sees cumulative results....Then , the discussion question prompts as them to defend their judgment in the poll.

About the Host



Doctor of Education

Educator with extensive faculty training experience facilitating innovative use of educational technology.
* Developed and implemented a university-wide implementation plan for the Quality Matters Program.
* Led the design team that developed courses for a new online MBA program.
* Experienced leader of the design team that provides a Quality Matters in-house review of all university online and hybrid courses prior to the launch of each new semester.
* Built an in-house department that combines training, professional development, and course design services saving the university over 25K each budget year
* Developed eLearning content for a campus-wide technology strategic plan
* Developed documentation content and represented eLearning in a Higher Learning Commission accreditation process
*Supervised two learning management system changes, both within a 90 day time frame with all courses and content moved for instructors, and both within budget.
* Experienced user and developer within Blackboard, ANGEL, Moodle, Canvas, and Desire2Learn learning management systems.
* Experienced instructional designer specializing in the development of critical thinking options and interactive student engagement.
* Certified Quality Matters Face to Face and Online Facilitator

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