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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

The presentation will be given by Elizabeth Okwisa Mbasu who works for Kenya Institute of Education (KIE). KIE is the national Curriculum Development and Research Centre. Elizabeth is Assistant Director and particularly incharge of Open and Distance Education. Her functions are under the division of electronic and emerging media.

How does moodle enhance the following teach/learn strategies?

1. Collaboration:
* Forming active groups and communities of learners
* Strategies of encouraging learners to collaborate are discussed.

2. Interaction:
* Encouraging more interaction among learners

3. Motivation:
* Creating interest and curiosity

4. Learner centred learning
* Getting the leaner engaged more in the learning process

5. Conducive classroom learning environment:
* Creating an attractive classroom ambiance

About the Host



Doctor of Education

Matthew Poole aka Cyrus Hush

Matthew Poole is the Director of Online Academics at American National University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is working on a PhD in Education with a concentration in web-based learning, and regularly leads tours in Second Life of interesting new ideas and builds that might be of scientific, cultural, historic or artistic interest to educators.

WOW or SL: Things to Think about When Choosing a Virtual World for Teaching

My presentation will be a tour of Expedition Central and a discussion of possible applications of Second Life and/or Open Sim environments in education with either a YouTube video or slide show comparing the educational values of Second Life and World of Warcraft (which is almost done). SLURL to come.

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