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New Literacies Connectivist Environment: Nuevos Entornos Conectivistas

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Alfabetizaciones y Nuevos Entornos Conectivistas NANEC2010 -11. New Literacies in Connectivist Environments by Dr. Doris Molero

Dr. Doris Molero. Dr. Doris Molero, aka Pionia Destiny is an EFL Professor from Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE) in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is a doctor in Sciences of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction. Her doctoral research was based on the use of Web 2.0 tools as multiliterate agents in the EFL Class at university level. She holds a master degree on Educational Informatics (2002) and graduated from Modern Language School at Universidad del Zulia (1991). She has taught English as a foreign language to high school and adult learners for 21 years. She has also role played in medieval sims since 2008. Right now, she's conducting an ethnographic study on Role play in medieval sims and how they can be used in the learning of a new a new language. Proud Webhead since 2002. On jul 2010, Participated in an bilingual project with Professor Amy Fullerton a.k.a Katarina Camino and her students from USF called URBE-USF Intercambios.

* Learning English in a Medieval World
* Pionia Destinay
* New EFL Center

New Technologies have changed the way we learn and socialize with each other. The web greatly facilitates the access to data and information but also generates some difficulties on finding what it could be or not of use for our inquiring. Information has stopped from being written and asynchronous to become visual and synchronous. Contents have stopped from being lineal and authored to become fragmented and social. Users have sopped being consumers of contents to become creators of contents. As a result, the web is complex, dynamic and in constantevolution. Adapting to it, requires understanding its functioning mechanism and knowing how to use the resources in it efficiently. In this sense, this course offers its participants the literacies needed to adapt to the new environments efficiently.

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Doctor of Education

Matthew Poole aka Cyrus Hush

Matthew Poole is the Director of Online Academics at American National University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is working on a PhD in Education with a concentration in web-based learning, and regularly leads tours in Second Life of interesting new ideas and builds that might be of scientific, cultural, historic or artistic interest to educators.

WOW or SL: Things to Think about When Choosing a Virtual World for Teaching

My presentation will be a tour of Expedition Central and a discussion of possible applications of Second Life and/or Open Sim environments in education with either a YouTube video or slide show comparing the educational values of Second Life and World of Warcraft (which is almost done). SLURL to come.

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